Music Samples

Theatrical Film Reel: 
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Marcello De Francisci’s music performed by the London Symphony Orchestra & Choirs:

Music inspired by blockbuster films through Marcello De Francisci’s creative vision:

Marcello De Francisci has composed, collaborated & produced tracks for and alongside acclaimed recording artists:

Artist Name: Lisa Gerrard

Legendary singer, songwriter & band member of ‘Dead Can Dance’ | Academy Award nominee &  Golden Globe winner for co-composing the soundtrack score to Ridley Scott’s film ‘Gladiator’ alongside Hans Zimmer. Lisa has also composed soundtracks for a multitude of directors including Michael Mann’s films  ‘Ali’,   ‘The Insider’,   ‘Heat’,   and Niki Caro’s   ‘Whalerider‘. She currently tours with her band as well as performs in the ‘Gladiator’ series concerts for Hans Zimmer.

Marcello has collaborated on numerous film projects with Lisa Gerrard including two solo albums titled ‘Departum’ and Exaudia’ furthermore they have won best soundtrack awards for their sores to ‘Balibo’ and ‘Oranges & Sunshine’. Watch the video below featuring the new single ‘Until We Meet Again’ from their forthcoming & second album ‘Exaudia’ scheduled for release on Aug. 26th, 2022 through Atlantic Curve Records.

Artist Name: Tanja Xena Tzarovska

Collaborated with Marcello De Francisci on two tracks titled ‘Til The End of Time’ and ‘Aramea (Of Kings & Pharaohs)‘, which are featured on the album ‘E P I C A’ distributed through Sonic Elixir-APM Music. Tanja is of Macedonian descent whose vocal performances are also featured on the film soundtrack scores to Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of The Christ’ and Wolfgang Petersen’s ‘Troy’.  To listen to the full album visit:


Artist Name: Hila Plitmann

Soprano | Two-Time Grammy Award Winner | Classical Music Genre | A native of Jerusalem, Israel  – Hila Plitmann has performed vocals for a multitude of film and contemporary-classical composers including Hans Zimmer, Jeff Beal, and Eric Whitacre, in addition, is featured on the soundtrack scores to Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’. Hila has sung and collaborated on numerous tracks with Marcello De Francisci, some are featured on his upcoming album ‘Sovereign’ distributed through Sonic Elixir-APM Music.

Artist Name: Mei-Lan Maurits & Ali Pervez Mehdi

Mei-Lan is an up-and-coming World music artist who alongside Ali Pervez Mehdi (son of renowned singer Parvez Mehdi), has established a prominent presence online. They both are recognized and known-followed for singing musical duets together.

Artist Names: Willa Weber & Chayim Frenkel

Soprano & Cantor| World Music Artists | This track titled Tolerance’ is also featured on Marcello De Francisci’s ‘E P I C A’ album distributed by Sonic Elixir – APM Music.

Artist Name: Bahar Shah

Singer of Persian descent who has worked on a multitude of films and album projects alongside Marcello De Francisci including the upcoming album ‘Sovereign’ distributed through Sonic Elixir-APM Music. Bahar Shah has also recently sung a duet with Lisa Gerrard on the track ‘Stories of Love, Triumph & Misfortunes’ featured on the upcoming album ‘Exaudia’ scheduled for release on Aug. 26th, 2022 through Atlantic Curve Records.